The Coolest Places In Tel Aviv

L ocated on the Israeli Mediterranian coast, Tel Aviv is a fast-paced and dynamic city with something to offer for everyone that perfectly combines city and beach life.  It’s become a popular tourist destination in recent years due it’s exciting nightlife, top-rated restaurants, unbeatable weather and much, much more…


The Beach




The beautiful Tel Aviv beach is packed all year long, 12 months a year, 7 days a week, with both locals and tourists just looking to hang out and get their tan on, and when the weather permits – with windsurfers too! It’s the ultimate place to see and be seen, and let loose, forgetting about all your worries.


The Style


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The Tel Aviv style is absolutely unbeatable – with unique Israeli designers and even more beautiful Israeli girls to wear them! Tel Aviv is known to have some of the best looking people out there, and this can be seen with every step you take down the street of this non-stop city.


Dizengoff Street




Dizengoff street is a serious not miss spot when visiting Tel Aviv, with something to offer for every taste. From the most eclectic and unique boutiques, to the best, most trendy restaurants and cafes, just walking down this street and looking at the people and in the windows is an experience in and of itself.


Gay Pride Parade




Tel Aviv is one of the top gay cities in the entire world! Every year, the city hosts one of the largest, most exciting and epic pride parades, bringing in thousands of people from across the globe to take part, and not only celebrate during the parade, but also party all week long.


The Cafes




It’s safe to say that Tel Aviv is just one big cafe. It’s all about the coffee shops, and people can sit there all day long on one cup of coffee – it’s a part of being a real Tel Avivian. No matter what day of the week it is, you’re likely to have to wait in line for a table.


The Food


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Israel is known for it’s incredible Mediterranean cuisine with unique dishes such as hummus, fafalel, and shakshuka.  But when it comes to Tel Aviv, the young, urban, trendy and hip city, somehow the food just tastes all that much better, offered at some of the coolest restaurants yet.


The Nightlife




It’s often said that Tel Aviv is the ‘city that never sleeps’ similar to New York City, a city that has clearly inspired many of the Tel Aviv ways of life. The bars and clubs are full 7 days a week with young people look to have a good time, and let loose after a long day of work.


The Carmel Market




Tel Aviv has a few main markets, with the most popular and well-known one being the Carmel market. Jam packed on friday afternoons as locals prepare for the weekend, this market is pretty much a fruit and vegetable, candy and spice museum without an entrance free, and a photographer’s dream come true.


The Races




Tel Aviv is one seriously active city with pretty much every young (and old) person running on a regular basis. It’s rare to find someone out of shape in this beach city! The city is known to host a variety of running events throughout the year, with the most popular being the annual Tel Aviv Marathon.


The Food Scene




In Tel Aviv, it’s not just about the amazing food, but also the scene too. The trendy, top-rated restaurants are a place to see and be seen, and offer some of the best dining experiences in the world. Pictured here is a variety of starter salads brought to the table at a beach-side restaurant – Manta Ray.


The Port




There are two main ports in Tel Aviv – one in Jaffa, which is south, and another in the north of Tel Aviv. On Saturday’s, the northern port is jam packed with people from all over the country coming to have a good time and spend some of their hard earned money from the week on some special treats.


Water Sports




Watersports are a popular activity at the Tel Aviv beach and are even practiced all year long. No wind or rain will stop these dedicated and active Tel Aviv locals. From surfing to paddleboarding, windsurfing, and even doing yoga on a surfboard, there’s no shortage of action here!


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