The Color-Blind App

Now, listen to this. A colorblind person just created an app for people that need assistance just like him. The app is called “Color Blind Pal app,” which is basically an application that “allows people with vision deficiency to differentiate between colors better and recognize them,” according to Bored Panda.

App starter Vincent Florentini was born color-blind. Dealing with this his entire life, he decided to make people aware of what he and others go through on a daily basis. Florentine’s app, provides people with a normal vision an outlet to stimulate all different types of color blindness.

When it comes to people with visual deficiencies this application is an actual miracle worker. Also being very easy, which is a great benefit. How it works is the application will change the color of an object in an image. By doing this, it gives those affected by color-blindness and outlet to see color correctly.

Smart thinking, right? Well, thanks to Florentini he has provided thousands of people dealing with color-blindness a way to see life through a clear glass. That is truly incredible, to say the least.

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