The Cockroach Challenge

Although there’s clearly been no shortage of strange and crazy challenges that have been spread across the internet in the past few years, this one definitely takes the gold medal for the grossest of them all.

It’s the Cockroach Challenge, and just based on it’s name, you can probably assume that it’s not one you’d want to take part in, regardless of the prize.

The Cockroach Challenge actually has people placing live cockroaches onto their faces in order to get a #cockroachselfie to post on their social media accounts. Yikes.  We’re not quite sure how this all started, but rumor has it that it began about a month ago, when Alex Aung from Burma decided to post such a selfie to Facebook, captioning it as a challenge.

Somehow, Aung’s selfie went viral within the blink of an eye, and people started to follow his example, sharing selfies on themselves with literal cockroaches on their face, no prize, no nothing.

Most people who took part in the challenge used large American cockroaches, which are for some reason commonly used as pets in many countries in South East Asia.

Even for those who aren’t grossed out by the thought of a bug on their face, cockroaches really are not the cleanest thing out there, and they can cause both asthma and allergies with all the dirt they contain between their saliva and feces.

Let’s hope this challenge doesn’t continue for much longer.

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