The Chewbacca Roar Contest

While it’s never really a pleasant experience to get dumped no matter what the circumstances may be, in general, it’s encouraged to simply focus on moving on and moving forward. It’s perfectly understandable to be hurt and confused, but it’s never really helpful to go out and do something bold that we may later on regret. Some people, however, feel as though they’ve got to seek revenge or make a statement after being dumped, and that’s exactly what happened recently in Australia. 

A mother of three made it to headlines after her ex-boyfriend decided to pull a hilarious and seriously original prank on her after being heartbroken by her deciding to end their relationship.  So what could this ex-boyfriend possibly have done that would have made it to international headlines? Believe it or not, he actually advertised a ‘Chewbacca roar contest’ and of course the number to call in and submit your best roar was his ex’s number. Yes, you got that right. She received no shortage of calls from complete strangers who left her voice messages impersonating a Chewbacca, the incredibly furry Star Wars character. 

This heartbroken ex-boyfriend went as far as posting about the contest all over their area, and included his ex-girlfriends phone number with a grand prize of $100 for the best roar.  And while the ex-girlfriend, Jessica, couldn’t deny the fact that this was a pretty epic prank that she got a kick out of, she did still also of course request that any posters of the contest be taken down – especially after getting these calls in the middle of the night. Jessica did however note, that once the posters are down, if you still really want to share your Chewbacca roar, you can still feel free to call in.  She has also reported that this isn’t the only way that her ex-boyfriend has tried to get her back, which really only confirms her choice to stay apart. 

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