The Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant
When we hear Michelin-star restaurant, we often think of something fancy that most likely involves celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey.
 What probably doesn’t come to mind is a small stall in the center of a market in Singapore that sells only chicken with either noodles or rice.
It’s named the Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle and is very modest food stall in an open air food court in the Chinatown Complex.
There is nothing unique about the stall itself, with chicken hanging off of hooks and large pots steaming on the stove. The one thing that sets it apart from all other stands is it’s very long line with both locals and tourists willing to wait three or more hours to taste their iconic, and seriously affordable, $2 chicken dish.
Chan Hon Meng, the chef was given the Michelin star in 2016, and was so taken by surprise that he thought they were just joking around at first.
Chan works an entire 17 hours daily and cooks an impressive 180 chickens daily too to satisfy all of his hungry and eager customers. The mouthwatering chicken is poached, then glazed in a special dark soy sauce.
The plate comes with some extra sauce on it, together with some chili sauce, green vegetables, dried shrimp and of course, slices of the tender and moist chicken.
Due to it’s high popularity, they’ve even opened up a restaurant next to the original location with sit down tables and air conditioning.

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