The Challenge Of A Lifetime

Now, this seems like a man who loves a hardcore, strength training challange. Max Glover just completed a challenge of a lifetime, harder than one would ever be able to grasp their mind around other than Glover. This challenge was completed in support of his close friend Julie Parker who recently went through a double lung transplant procedure.

Striking close to home, Glover decided to raise money for the hospital she spent her time at. Of course, he had to take his fundraising to the next level. Indeed. Glover completed a marathon while pulling a BMW 525d on his back. Not only does this sound challenging it seems deathly.

While Glover spent the next few days training for the event, it was time to find the proper location to complete it. After securing the details, it was game time. Glover took on the track in full force. Thankfully, he was able to use his strength, skills and great mindset to push him across the finish line and complete his goals.

The marathon was broken up into a two-mile circuit due to the extremity of the car’s weight. He claims that after the first few miles, he became way more efficient, according to Men’s Health.

At the end of it all, Glover is a true champion in many eyes and has the hearts of the hospital and charities that he has dedicated many challenges too.

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