The Canadian City With A Mysterious Noise

The residents of Windsor, the Canadian city located near Detroit have been dealing with a strange noise for the past eight years already.  This noise disrupts them in their daily lives, and despite several attempts to figure out where it’s coming from, no one has been able to solve the mystery.

It’s known as the Windsor Hum among the community of 210,000 people. It apparently comes and goes randomly and varies in it’s intensity.  Sometimes it lasts for a few hours, and sometimes even for days at a time. This causes people to suffer from sleeplessness, severe migraines and even depression in some cases.  Some people have been so affected that they have actually moved cities.

One of the residents explains how difficult it is to live with, that it’s impossible to get away from. The annoying sound has been compared to many things, such as the Star Trek Enterprise and an idling diesel engine.  The big problem with the noise is that since it’s so random and inconsistent, it’s hard to get used to.

Trying to get the origin of this mysterious noise has been believed to be as difficult as chasing a ghost.  It’s existence however cannot be denied, with 22,000 people who called into a local teleconference six years ago to complain about the noise.

People throughout the years have related the hum to different wacky conspiracy theories such as UFOS and secret tunneling.  No possibilities can be completely ruled out right now,  but some residents believed that it is related to blast furnace operations that are taking place on a nearby Island run by US steel.

Activists have been trying for years to get to the bottom of the this and have complained about US Steel not being cooperative enough.  The Windsor Hum continues to disturb people, and they are virtually helpless.

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