The Burger Machine

Believe it or not, robots are soon going to be in charge of our food.  Your latte will no longer be made by a human barista, but rather a robot barista. Your pizza will be made by a robot chef, and your lunch will by delivered by robot couriers.

Silicon Valley CEO Vardakostas, together with mechanical engineer Steven Frehn are the founders of a trendy burger joint soon to open in San Francisco which has bots that prepare the burgers. But wait, it gets even cooler. The burgers cost a mere $6, which is one of the cheapest to be found in the area.

Just the machine itself, burger aside will make you drool, with it’s totally sleek curves and detailed design, it’s like a real work of art. The machine truly takes on the vision of it’s creators, which is to shape the future of fast food. 

It can create as many as 120 burgers an hour, and cost the creators less than $1 million.  No human being can make that many burgers in such a short amount of time, and then end has come for tedious and time consuming burger flipping over a hot and greasy grill.

All of this news is really exciting, but has some people worried about their jobs.

Automation quite obviously takes away tons of jobs, especially those of hard working burger flippers.  Food service workers in Las Vegas in fact went on strike in May to protest these robots.

It’s slowly becoming a force that simply cannot be stopped. But there is still hope for the food industry, so fear not.

A restaurant is more than just a burger bot, as it needs workers to maintain the machine, refill the ingredients, as well as manage and clean the space.

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