The Breatharian

A thirty eight year old man in the United Kingdom claims to be a breatharian.  What does this mean? Apparently Khai Ho can go as long as three months in a row living off of merely air, sunlight, some mint leaves here and there, and one hundred calories weekly.

Ho works as a pizza delivery explains that he never had must interest towards food, and that he would refuse to eat his mother’s food as a young child. However, only four years ago did he officially start giving up food for extended periods of time.

He claims to be able to last three months without consuming any food, and apparently Hindu meditation helps him get all the nutrients his body needs from sunlight and air.

The breatharian expresses that prior to starting mediation, he would still only eat real food every few days. Although he knows that those around him think he is crazy, he also believes that others see him as incredible and inspiring.

Ho claims that this lifestyle allows him to stay alert and always aware of his surroundings. So much so that he also claims to have trouble sleeping.  Ho would like to prove to the world that active men do not in fact actually need the 2,500 recommended daily calories in order to survive.

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