The Breast Brush

A self-taught artist from Belarus has made it to the headlines recently for her seriously unusual paint brush, which is actually her breast, believe it or not.

Nadia Matievskia is the young artist reported to be using this unique technique, and what’s even more shocking and impressive is that no one would be able to tell by simply looking at her art. 

Matievskia never planned on becoming a painter, and actually had dreams of working in the music industry. After taking acting lessons however nearly two years ago, she somehow discovered a secret hidden talent that she was unaware of.  The acting course showed her to be let loose and explore her feelings on a deeper level. 

The classes allowed her to experiment with her body in ways she wasn’t aware she was capable of before, and along the way, found a profitable way to make money with her talents. 

A teacher requested that she create a painting with her breasts, as well to attempt to sell it. Nadia did exactly that, and from then on, there was no looking back. After seeing how successful her assignment was, Nadia continued on to explore her artistic talents further, practicing more and more and now even has her own project which she has titled Paintings From The Heart. 

She shares her creative work on her Instagram account, and also sells the original pieces on her social media accounts. No specific numbers have been released, but according to Nadia, she’s doing quite well for herself in her new business. 

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