The Boxy Silhouette In Recent Fashion

In recent years, the popular silhouettes in fashion trends are shifting. While we saw skinny jeans that clung to the legs and skin-tight tank tops in previous years, people are moving towards more unconventional clothing. Individuals are experimenting with shapes by no longer attempting to stick by the traditional well-loved hourglass shape on women and inverted triangle shape on men. Recent silhouettes feature loose clothing that seem to prioritize comfort over stylistic advantage and generally seem quite leisurely.

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Jeremy Moeller/ Contributor

Within this style, wide leg jeans are featured repeatedly because of the comfort they offer by only fitting closely to the body near the waist and then falling to the ground. They can come both in the form of straight fit pants that can be left intentionally long to provide a slightly ruffled effect below the knees, or flared pants that dramatically grow in width as they continue downwards. These are usually paired with oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies, that similarly require the observer to resort to guessing as to what lies underneath. Similar to the pants, the garment worn on the torso only clings to the body near the shoulder, and then hangs off the body, creating a cohesive theme overall.

However, fashion trends always have exceptions to their larger tendencies. While loose clothing reigns supreme in most places, many influencers are experimenting with using the occasional piece of tight clothing to avoid the possibility of creating identical looks. So the usual baggy pants would be paired with a corset that points downwards in a sharp V-shape. Accessories are also utilized to create texture to the outfit, with chains hanging from jeans pockets and the occasional belt cinching in the waist of a loose garment. The more people explore with this silhouette, the more they learn to individualize the outfits that were inspired by the wider fashion trends.