The Blind Rider

Most blind people lead normal lives, and do most of the things that all of us do. But riding a skateboard? Less than common. This seriously impressive twenty year old blind skateboard completely defies all odds.

Marcelo Lusardi is known as The Blind Rider, and lost his vision two years ago when he was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder caused by mutations in mitochondrial DNA. At first, he only had a sort of stain in his right eye, but shortly after he lost his vision completely.

Marcelo lost his vision so quickly that he couldn’t even come to terms with it before it occurred, and he entered a state of depression. Thankfully, a family friend came to help him accept his condition and help encourage him to push harder.

He eventually started going out more and hanging out at the skate park where he would hang out with his friends in the past. Somehow, with the help of his friends, he found the strength to get back on his skateboard.

Marcelo explains that skateboarding without vision is completely different, and that he must first inspect and get his the surroundings before performing a trick or before skating. The noise made by other skaters gives him valuable information about where is in relation to the ramps.

Not only did Marcelo learn to skateboard again, but can now perform tricks that most others cannot. This has also helped him better accept his situation, saying that he feels as though he had to lose his sight to realize who he is, and wants he really wants to do. Everything in life has solution.

He still has high hopes that a cure will come out for his condition, but in the meantime, he is making the best of his situation and is inspiring many others while doing so.

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