The Big Idaho Potato Hotel

The state of Idaho is known for its potatoes so it is not surprising that a larger than life-sized potato has been transformed into a hotel. According to the Idaho Statesman and Fox News, “the fake spud traveled on the back of semi-truck for the Idaho Potato Commission to promote the state’s crop.” After a few years of touring, the state decided to take the advice of a tiny house developer who went on tour with the potato and transform it into a home.

After some renovations and finding the couple ton potato a permanent place to reside, it is officially open for business. Due to its presence and look, the hotel was named the Big Idaho Potato Hotel.

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Anyone who has an interest in staying at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel can go onto the Airbnb services site and rent it out for a few nights or however long they want to stay. Although the fake potato is not an actual building, it does have the usual works of a home with air conditioning, heating units, and a bathroom. Housing up to two people at a time.

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