The Bible Bot

Senior citizens living in nursing homes may now be able to find comfort in a robot. The SanTO is capable of both reading verses from the Bible to them, as well as listening to them.

The small robot looks similar to a religious figurine that someone would likely put up in their home, however it’s much more than just a decorative piece.  The SanTO contains a unique software, capable of listening to seniors, as well as understanding their emotions in order to chose appropriate Bible verses to recite to them with the aim of soothing their troubles.

Certain religious leaders felt strongly against having AI interpret Bible scripture, which is why the robot merely recites the text without taking it to the next level, while at the same time, even choosing the appropriate text is no straightforward task.

With the advancement of AI and robots, so is their connection to religion in a wide variety of ways, with even the pope endorsing certain apps.  While the SanTO if course a way to spread religion, it also seems to be more of friend for lonely seniors.

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