The Bermuda Triangle Parking Lot

Shoppers at a United Kingdom grocery store have been reporting mysterious and explainable situations related to their cars – whether it be their locking systems or alarms, leaving them unable to continue on with their day and leave the parking lot as planned.

No one has any idea what’s been causing all these strange occurrences at the Lidl supermarket.  Dozens of shoppers have been reporting that they have been unable both unlock and lock their cars, and have also been unable to turn off their alarm systems – only when entering this specific parking lot.

Victims of this strange parking lot initially just thought that something was wrong with their cars, however even after trying all kinds of methods to fix the problems, such as changing the alarm’s batteries, nothing seemed to work.

Shoppers have reported it to be a Bermuda Triangle kind of situation, where there is simply no answer to what’s going on here.  Some have complained to Lidl’s management, however they are just as much at loss for words as everyone else.

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