The Beauty of Rainy Days

Rainy days can be a pain to those who have to go out and brave the weather, but they are actually quite beautiful. Rainy days can make a rather boring landscape or cityscape come to life in a way that few people would expect. In the rain, textures become more apparent and visible, shadows are stronger with less light pollution from buildings blocking them out, and everything has a wet shine. A gentle mist of rain passing over roofs is enough to add a touch of beauty to a city…

Rainy days increase a person’s creativity and incentive to do things, not because they are in a great mood, but simply because their environment is much more interesting. When people are cooped up inside, they have more time to read, write, watch movies or television shows, play video games, etc. This can be a very good thing for people who are seeking to improve themselves because it forces them to take the time to focus on their specific interests. Rainy days also force people to slow down and appreciate what they have rather than rushing through life trying to get things done as quickly as possible.

Getty Images / Moment / Suzana Topita

In addition, rainy days add a touch of beauty to the world in general. If one is going for a walk on a sunny day and then their path takes them through a storm, they will be treated to quite an interesting experience. The way that the raindrops hit the ground and bounce up is rather fascinating to watch. People can also watch the rain bounce off of different surfaces in a unique way, creating beautiful designs in the process. The sound of rain also helps to add beauty to the world.

Rain is not always a bad thing, and when it comes down to it, rainy days create some truly beautiful sights that remind people that they are alive and can cherish what they have been given. Even though they can be a drag at times, people should relish the opportunities that rainy days present them with so that they can experience all of the wonders that life has to offer.

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