The Battery That Never Loses Its Charge

What if we could have a battery that never loses its charge? Well, it seems like it’s right around the corner from happening, hopefully at least.

Canadian scientists from the University of Toronto and the University of Alberta have shared their blueprints for a battery that never loses its charge – known as a quantum battery. 

A battery with an endless life is yet to exist, but if they do actually figure it out, it would be completely revolutionary for the world of energy storage.

One of the researchers on the team, Gabriel Hanna has explained that rather than the batteries on our smartphones that we are more familiar with that relies on electrochemical principles, the quantum battery would rely merely on quantum mechanics. 

The battery is reported to work by taking the power of excitonic energy, meaning electrons absorb charge photons of light.  The researchers have claimed that the quantum battery could discharge and release energy in the process of breaking down the dark state. 

At the moment, however, the team still hasn’t managed to come up with realistic ways to make it happen.