The Baby Bowel Movement Sharing Gadget

In a world full of innovative technology constantly being created and with social media never ceasing to break new boundaries, Japan has introduced a new application that will allow you to share with the world when your toddler makes a bowel movement. What a concept.

It’s known as the Unko Button and was made by 144Lab. It’s a small box that has two buttons. By simply pressing the button, it automatically shares the exciting news that your little munchkin has made a big one. There’s even a chat group though Line, a messaging application used in Asia.

Unko is the Japanese word for poop, which is of course, where the gadget gained it’s name. The developers have said that the device is ultimately created for parents who are very busy and need a simple and efficient way to keep track of their baby’s digestive system.

We all know though, that most people, parents or not, are interested in one common thing; sharing their personal details on social media and getting tons of feedback and support to justify their every move.

It is hard to know why parents are really using this. It is without a doubt important for parents to follow their child’s patterns, especially at such a young age, but the social media aspect is rather concerning about what it entails for the privacy of the baby.

Developers claim that the social media option is just a way of letting a dad know if he is away at work, for example. But the sharing feature is not limited to partners.

Either way, the Unko Button also records specific details including the date and time and which kind of movement occurred. It is so advanced that it can take note of consistency and color, as well as the mood of the baby at the time. The application that is connected can help parents also get an approximate estimate of how much diapers will cost them, based on the baby’s activity level.

At the moment, the Unko Button is not yet on the market. The developers are working on gaining more funds to mass produce the product by crowdfunding.