The App For Smartphone Zombies

In South Korea, there are some serious concerns about those who walk right into moving cars as they stare down into their phones, completely unaware of what’s going on around them. These people are best known as smartphone zombies.

A new solution has come out, and the idea is to create a crosswalk that will light up to warn the smartphone zombies that a car may very well be about to hit them.

This new high-tech concept has been introduced due to the shocking numbers of accidents that have been occurring. These special lights seem to be crucial in preventing such incidents for those that can’t seem to look up from their phone.

The unique system is capable of detecting people walking through the use of rador sensors and thermal cameras, and can send a warning through flashing LED lights and laser beams projected onto the street.

A similar light system was also set up in Tel Aviv, Israel where officials also worried about pedestrians crossing the street without looking up.  South Korea is reported to have the largest amount of smartphones, with an impressive 95 percent of the population owning a smartphone.

If everything goes according to plan and proves to be successful, the system will be spread across the nation, and will hopefully save the lives of many smartphone zombies.

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