Accuracy Of Google Maps

Google Maps has provided users with a genius way to track distance, location, traffic and time all at the tip of people’s fingertips. So much, in fact, that people rely so heavily on the application that they even plan the time they are going to leave a destination based on the traffic or estimations Google Maps predicts.

Due to the extreme use of the application, a guy by the name of Simon Weckert decided to conduct an experiment that would prove how humans rely on data and technology to map out their everday life actions.

In order to be successful in the experiment, Weckert rented about one hundred phones and put them all in a wagon. The phones were turned on and in Google Maps. As he started to walk the pretty calm streets, the application predicted that there was intense traffic in the area.

When in reality the traffic was just being caused by the phones in a little red wagon. According to BoredPanda, “the way Google Maps estimates traffic is by assessing the density of phones that enable that app to access their location,” which is why Google believed the phones all in one area was indeed a traffic jam.

The results of the experiment will definitely have many users questioning the reliability of the application.

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