The 50 Day Battery Life

Smartphone users across the globe are all screaming for a phone with a longer battery life. Sound familiar? Thankfully, one company has heard this plea loud and clear, and has decided to do something about it.

Avenir Telecom, a French company, has recently come out with the Power Max P18J smartphone for Energizer, and was revealed for the first time at the 2019 Mobile World Congress.  According to sources, it’s a seriously beastly device, and has the highest battery capacity known to man kind. The only downside? It’s of course, not exactly the thinnest, slickest smartphone yet.

If you’re interested in utilizing this phone to it’s absolute fullest, then you’ll be able to spend an impressive 90 hours on phone calls, as well as an additional 100 years of listening to your favorite tunes. And if that wasn’t already enough – how about another two full days of watching videos. All of this is possible with just one simple charge.

If 50 full days of battery isn’t quite enough for you, then how about the fact that it’s also got 128GB of storage, 6B of RAM, and last but certainly not least, an impressive 5 cameras.

Before you add this dreamy device to your Christmas wish list, do keep in mind that it does have yet to be officially available to the public, and it wouldn’t be the first time that Avenir made promises they didn’t quite keep.

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