The 45 Year Old Soup

One of the most popular and well known restaurants in Ekkamai, Bangkok, Wattana Panich serves some of the most tasty and unique stews and soups out there. The secret to their delicious dishes however is something that would likely put most off from wanting to come try it.

Believe it or not, the same soup has been simmering for an entire forty five years. While it sounds crazy, it’s true, and the owners of the restaurant claim that it’s what makes the soup so special. Rather than throwing away the broth of the soup at the end of each day, Wattana Panich strains it and keep it for the next day’s soup. 

This idea actually didn’t just come from nowhere, and it’s a traditional cooking method known both as hunter’s stew and perpetual stew – where stews and soups are left to constantly simmer as new ingredients are added, allowing for the broth to absorb as much flavor as possible. Forty five years however might be slightly exaggerated. 

Wattana Panich is reported to add twenty five kilograms of beef to the stew on a daily basis, and have also made it a custom not to clean the pot either. It’s not exactly the most hygienic thing out there, but is definitely a unique experience for any foodies looking to try something now. 

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