The 180 Degree Man

A 57 year old man from Michigan, Moses Lanham has become popularly known as ‘Mr. Plastic’ for his unique and rather unusual ability to turn his legs, together with his knees 180 degrees, and walk backwards.

Moses, the superhuman discovered his strange ability when he was a mere 14 years old.  While climbing a rope in gym class, he lost his grip and crashed down on the floor.

He landed in a very awkward position. At first, he feared that something was dislocated. He was pleasantly surprised however, to find that this was not the case.

He very quickly realized that could without any struggle turn his lower legs 180 degrees, and back again without feeling any pain.

He went through medical tests which revealed that he was capable of doing such thing since he has double cartilage in his hips, knees and ankles.  Ever since, he’s been using his special gift to scare people and has been having a blast with hit.

Moses proudly shares that he even managed to get a person to throw up after seeing his 180 degree act.  He absolutely loves to see the reaction of people and to amaze them beyond belief.

His unique ability has helped him break two world records, one of which he still holds today. He recently lost the title of the World’s Most Flexible Feet, but he is still the fastest man in the world to walk with his feet backwards over a distance of 20 meters. Way to go Moses.

Other people can apparently turn their legs backwards as well, but he is the only one that is capable of walking in such a way. In fact, he claims to actually prefer it.

Many people ask him if it feels uncomfortable, or if it hurts him but he is grateful of his natural talent.