The $15,000 Louis Vuitton Bag Toilet Seat

Beware. This toilet seat could be pretty dangerous for designer bag lovers. Artist Illma Gore took apart a total of 24 Louis Vuitton bags, which are valued at $15,000 in order to make a toilet for Tradesy. A Louis Vuitton toilet, yes.

You can even flush it yourself if you’re lucky to be in the Santa Monica showroom.  Gore has explained to Vogue that the toilet has yet to be used, despite many have offered.

The toilet is on sale for a hefty cost of $100,000, which could get you an entire Louis Vuitton luggage, and probably some clothing too. But going to the bathroom on designer bags really is a priceless experience, isn’t it?

Bathrooms might not be the first things that enters your mind when you think about expensive art, but Gore is not the first artist to have turned a toilet into an investment.

Maurizo Cattelan’s 18-karat gold throne was hosted by the Guggenheim Museum.  Another example is Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, a porcelain urinal that still today is one of the most valued works of art in modern day art history.

A post on Instagram by Gore has received close to 3,000 likes, tagging Louis Vuitton bags.  Based on her other works which tend to be rather political and aim to send a message, she is clearly trying to say something when it comes to destroying all of those designer bags.

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