That Teddy Bear

There are many people in this world who think back to their childhood and refer to a stuffed animal, baby blanket or favorite board game that they loved dearly. These are the prized possesions that our young selfs lived for at the time. As we have gotten older and moved on to bigger and more mature items, these baby blankets or memorandums will always stay dear to our hearts.

For some people, these items are still sitting on their beds waiting for them when they get home at night time and for others, these items might be tucked away in a box of all of their childhood memories. Either way, these items that are parents, friends or whoever got for us when we were children have gained substantial meaning over the course of time.

At first buy or glance, one did not think of the teddy bear as anything more than what it was. Now, as time has moved on and these items have grown with us, this once teddy bear that sat in the toy aisle at our favorite store, is more than that. It is a symbol of our childhood that we ever so loved at the time. It is that teddy bear that has been through the pain of getting our first scratch on our knee or has been there when you had reckless nights sleeping. It is a symbolic figure, one we will never let go of.

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