Thanksgiving Left Overs

There is truly nothing better than a Thanksgiving feast. As the table is filled with an immense amount of string bean casserole, sweet potato parfait, turkey and of course, delicious stuffing, the food choice options are pretty much endless.

As Thanksgiving night comes to a close, we must say our stomachs do not. This is simply due to the fact that there is pretty much always leftovers the day after, reminding us of our ever so full but happy stomachs. As these leftovers pile in our fridges, we can’t help but nosh at our favorite treats for at least a few days after or until the food goes bad.

Usually, these leftovers are eaten just like how they were on Thanksgiving night, which would make the most sense but there are more creative ways to go about using the leftover food. One way, in particular, is a post-thanksgiving sandwich filled with all things delicious.

Whether your favorite dish of the night was the turkey or it was the ever so famous sweet potatoes, it is quite easy to think of a new type of concoction. One of the most popular being an easy turkey sandwich filled with stuffing, cranberries, and gravy. Now, how good does that sound?

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