Thailand Full Moon Party
We’ve all heard of the famous Full Moon Party, on the Thai island of Koh Phangan.  Every month, 30,000 people come together to enjoy an evening of partying, dancing and drinking.  But going back in history, is was not always as such.
Similar to many other things, it’s not simple to touch on exactly where it originated.  Even the date is a debated issue, with some believing it began in 1983, and other saying it wasn’t big until the ’90s.  Many however do agree of the mid ’80s, when some travelers left for the shores of Koh Phangan by boat under the moonlight.
Another belief is that when electricity came to the island it sparked a new trend. In the ’90’s, before social media was a thing, word of most was the most powerful tool. Tourists would come from around the world to get a taste of this crazy party they heard of.  It grew even more once the guidebooks found out about it.  Soon enough, the entire coastline was full of hostels, bars, music and other full moon party related things.
Not too much attention was given to those that lived on the island. Many were of course happy about the profit it brought it, but others were less than pleased.  Such parties were outlawed by the government in 2014, saying that tourists coming to drink and take drugs are not what they want to attract.


Now, more than 30 years later, the Full Moon Party is going as hard as ever. It remains a highly popular international event despite the ban, with festivals with different names given and takes place deep into Koh Phangan’s rainforest, rather than on the beach itself.
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