Thai Belly Destruction

Thai police stations have decided to launch a new project known as ”Belly Destruction”.  The unique project will send all overweight police officers in Thailand to a camp focused on weight loss.

After a two week trial period, the program proved itself to be successful with 200 Thai police officers who all managed to lose weight. The most overweight police men were sent to the Central Police Training Center in the area of Pak Chong, and pushed themselves physically in order to resize their stomachs.

Each Thai police station will take turns sending a few of their officers to take part in the belly destruction project, where they will be pushed to engage in intense physical activity, including bike riding, as well as taking on a healthy diet filled with lean proteins.

The project went viral once pictures were shared online of these officers engaging in physical fitness. According to one of the founders of the program, being an overweight police officer causes a great deal of problems, such as an inability to move quickly even when needed.

The photos of the police officers hard at work have received a lot of attention, and people cannot commend them enough.

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