Temporary Nose Jobs

Plastic surgery today is more popular and common than ever before. However, some women seek a less invasive and intense way of achieving the ideal nose.

That’s exactly why they have been turning to a special wax that allows them to mold their nose into the shape they desire. The wax is known as Microcrystaline, and is used in Asia, especially in China.

Although it is nothing new, in recent times it has gained more popularity in Western countries, mainly due to social media and makeup influencers showing off their new noses.

There are no shortage of videos of women applying this clay-like material onto their nose to significantly change it’s shape, and then later on, taking apart their work.  These videos have gone viral, and have left people rather confused.

According to sources, the special effects of this wax is achieved by de-oiling petroleum jelly, and adheres to human skin. It is said to be easy to mold into the desired shape, however the end result of the temporary nose job depends ultimately on how talented the person applying it is.

Some makeup artists share that with enough practice, anyone can learn how to do a good job of perfecting their nose and achieving any look their heart desires.

Once you’ve created your ideal nose, all you can to do is apply concealer to have it match up with the color of your skin.

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