Tel Aviv On LGBT

Despite the fact that Tel Aviv is surrounded by many religious areas, it has a highly open-minded and progressive LGBT community.  The trendy city is not a popular gay tourist spot, but also a safe haven for homosexuals for those who have experienced persecution in other nearby countries.

Tel Aviv is home to the largest gay Pride parade in all of Asia and the Middle East, and has been named the world’s most gay-friendly city, with no shortage of LGBT clubs, bars, gyms, beaches, shops, hotels and even apps.

The parade, every year only gets bigger and better each time. In 2017, it saw an impressive 200,000 attendants, with 30,000 of them being tourists.  The theme of this parade was Bisexuality Visibility, and wast he very first to center on the celebration of bisexuality.

The municipality of Tel Aviv has been making great efforts to help further establish Tel Aviv’s status as the most gay-friendly city. And although there is still much more progress that can be done, in all of the Middle East, rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender in Israel are the most tolerant.  Israel recognizes cohabitation between same-sex couples, and has also legalized same-sex adoptions.

In terms of statistics, Tel Aviv’s gay community makes up for approximately 25% of the population.  You can find a gay version of basically anything in Tel Aviv.

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