Teens Save Koalas

With the unfortunate fires that have broken out throughout Australia, millions of animals have been put in danger and continue to be. As their homes are quickly being burnt away by the massive bushfires, it is the duty of our people to do the best we can to save these animals.

Just the other day, a set of teens went viral on social media due to their efforts in helping. Two young boys drove around Kangaroo Island, in the hope of finding live koalas. By the end of the drive, they saved a multitude of koalas. Putting them in their car and bringing them to safety.

Unfortunately, they did say that most of the koalas they came across have already burned to death, so they did the most they could before it was too late for any saving. Now, with the koalas in their captivity, they will take care of them until further notice. Once it is safe to go back into the wild, the cute and cuddly koalas will be reunited with their home.

Until then, these teenagers just like many others will continue to do wonders in support of the Australian bushfires that are still flaming away.

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