Teaming Up To Have The Homework App Removed

No normal child likes getting homework. It’s simply a fact of life, unfortunately. And if they do enjoy being assigned homework? Well then kudos to that child, and please share with us what your parenting secrets are because that’s extremely rare to find. And although the coronavirus outbreak has been absolutely devastating for all in so many levels, we can assume that some children were rather pleased with the thought of not showing up to classes (including not having homework) for a select period of time.  

In Wuhan for example, where schools are closed down due to the current situation, students have been assigned homework through a homework app, known as DingTalk.  Sounds like a fair compromise, right? Well, these school children aren’t too excited about this concept, unsurprisingly, and are reported to actually be attempting to have the app removed from the App Store in order to enjoy their time off to the fullest. Although this forced break from school isn’t exactly the ideal vacation, especially since they can’t leave their homes, let alone travel anywhere or see their friends, many young students were still happy about the break from homework, or so they thought.  

But to their dismay, they were unfortunately very mistaken about what this time period meant for their school work. But as teachers started to use an app to hold virtual classes and assign online homework – the students somehow managed to team up against them and try to have the app removed. While DingTalk once had a rating of 4.9/5, all the negative reviews from students lowered it down to a shocking 1.4 stars. Negative reviews of the app include phrases such as ‘bring our holidays back’.  We’re not sure how to feel about this effort, as a rebellion or as an impressive and creative portrayal of teamwork. You decide. 

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