Tea Shortage In India
Darjeeling tea is the favorite of serious tea connoisseurs across the globe. It’s basically the Champagne of all teas.
At the moment, it’s dealing with shortages due to strikes and demonstrations by those who work in the region where it’s grown, the Himalaya mountains.
It’s among the most expensive teas in the world, costing as much as $850 per kilogram.  The delicate tea leaves are harvested in four growing seasons, from March to October.
The second growing season is occurring right now, which is the favorite of tea lovers, due to the distinct flavor that this season creates.
However, unfortunately, we are also among a period with worker strikes and violent protests in the Darjeeling region who are supporting the Ghorka community who is demanding for an independent state.
Approximately 100,00 tea estate workers have left the tea fields, with estimated losses at $40 million at least. Even if they were to end the strike, it would still take several weeks for the harvest to come back.
Future orders are being canceled, and the tea is now becoming as something that is a limited-edition product. People will have to start drinking different kinds of tea.
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