Tea Bags: Remedy To Smelly Shoes

Summer time is known for the immense of amount of sun rays that are constantly burning down on you. Pretty much making it near to impossible to take shade. Even though we think taking shade helps this situation, it doesn’t. Either way we are drowning in sweat, smell and stick.

If you are the type of person who thinks catching shade is going to avoid all your problems or putting sunblock on will fully prevent you from these harsh rays, you are wrong. Depending on the type of day, whether it is a work day or fun day, you always wear essential items. In this case, sneakers are the main source of comfort especially when you are hitting the town for a shopping day.

Due to the heat, your feet do the usual and start to sweat causing your shoes to smell not so great. Luckily for us, there are many remedies that can stop this smell from getting any worse. According to Mirror online, cleaning guru, Lynsey Crombie has provided the world with a new trick to save your shoes, tea bags.

The trick: take a tea bag and place them in your shoes. Leave them sitting in there for a long amount of time (the longer the better). Once your shoes smell better, remove the tea bags and reuse them (not in your tea).

Tea bags have the ability to soak up the moisture in your shoes while making them smell better. This old trick is one that many forget about, which in turn motivates people to throw there perfectly fine shoes away and invest in new pairs.

There is no reason we should have to continuously buy new shoes because of the odor that consumes them. Instead, using tea bags will solve this inconvenience for us.

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