Tattoo Ink For Health Concerns

Scientists in Germany have recently invented a new kind of tattoo that is able to detect and monitor one’s health. Usually, people get tattoos on their body because of the thrill, uniqueness, and art behind it. Now, people who have serious health issues and are concerned about possible matters will be able to get tattoos to stay up to date on their health.

According to, these scientists “invented dermal sensors that can substitute as ink for tattooing.” These ink colors that would be infused into one’s skin will change colors according to one’s blood pH, sugar and sodium levels.

For instance, the glucose indicators in the ink will change color from yellow to dark green. All dependent on the person’s blood sugar levels.

Allowing people to track and understand what their body is going through without having to continuously go to the doctor. Usually, it is essential to get a blood test when one wants to check their blood pH, sugar and sodium levels and with this ink, it will give people easy access to doing so.

Being that this concept is newer, it has not yet been used on humans. So far, scientists have only tested the ink of pigskin. Hopefully, in due time, the concept will be considered safe and will be used on humans. Once this is completed, the lives of many will be benefited greatly.

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