Target Themed Birthday Party

Many people have their preference on where they prefer to shop for their home goods, groceries, and even clothing. For some, Target is the place that supplies all of the above in their stores. As Target has gone above and beyond with providing consumers with the lowest prices for more, it has stolen the hearts of many.

In fact, this young child decided that her love for Target was so deep that he wanted a birthday party that was all Target-themed. As his mother took his request she decided to go above and beyond. According to Bussiness Insider “The party guests wore actual Target name tags, drank Icees from the Target cafe, and had a scavenger hunt.”

To top it all off, Brayden Lawrence’s birthday party was hosted in a Target store. In order to throw a party within the store, Brayden’s family members had to ask prior to the event to get permission. Interestingly enough, the Target store was more than excited for the party and to make Brayden’s dream birthday party come to life, literally.

With the help of Brayden’s family and the store, the party was extremely successful. So much, that Brayden was even able to check out party-goers at the cashier since they were all gifted a gift card to the store.

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