Talk To Your Computer Without Words

Don’t we all just wish that technology was even more invasive than it already is? Do you find voice-to-text a little bit too public for comfort?

Well, that’s why researchers at MIT Media Lab have created the ideal technology for you. It looks just like a horror movie monster on your jaw, about to crawl right into your mouth.  The new gadget was presented at the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces in Tokyo.

How does it receive the message without words? Simple. Whenever you think of the words, they are silently transmitted to your mouth. The device is called the AlterEgo and has seven electrodes positioned around the mouth area to catch onto the signals.

The prototype has been tested on a few people, and although the results so far have been shown successful, it is not quite ready just yet to go into production.  According to AlterEgo researchers, the advantages of this technology are that it’s not invasive, it’s 92 percent accurate, is portable, and can read your private thoughts.

In certain situations, such a device can be highly useful, such as texting a friend or turning off your phone.  The downside? Most people probably wouldn’t be so comfortable hanging around all day with a device on their face.