Surgery In The Street

A man was unfortunately recently stabbed on the streets of Durham, England.  When medical professionals arrived at the crime scene, they feared that the injured man would perhaps not survive the drive to the hospital.

All things being said, rather than taking a risk and waiting to reach the hospital, two doctors decided that there was no time to waste, and started to perform heart surgery outside in the street. Although such a procedure is also of course not exactly safe, they still felt that it was the best decision, and in the end, they were right.

The surgery thankfully proved to be successful, and the man managed to survive the attack, despite entering a state of cardiac arrest upon being stabbed. The doctors credit the success due to their quick arrival, and that they took care of the man immediately.

Nonetheless, however, this does not imply that medical professionals should be encouraged to engage in open air surgeries on the street. It does however, mean that having proper medical supplies at all times can always come in handy in times of emergency.

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