Surfing finally receives it’s well-deserved Olympic title

For the first time in world history, Surfing has been given a place on the Olympic stage. This year, surfers officially competed at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. There has been hesitation regarding advancing Surfing to an Olympic sport, Surfing is heavily dependant on the conditions of nature, including the type of waves, the direction, their strength. Surfers will have to handle and adjust to the ebb and flow of tides that according to the day.

The waves that surfers ride at Tsurigasaki Beach for the Olympics will be generated from one of two different types of wind: trade winds and typhoons. Trade winds blow consistently and generate relatively smaller waves across the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to the Philippines. Typhoons on the other hand generate substantially stronger winds that supply powerful waves for the event.

Getty Images/ AFP/ TIM MCKENNA

Some of the top surfers of the Tokyo games originate from countries like the US, Australia, and Brazil. The USA has strong surfing competitors with a long history behind them. Australia is renowned for its strong surfers and for dominating elite competitions. Brazil has recently established dominance in the sport paving the way for Latin America. The most outstanding surfers of the championships represent these countries and are certainly contestants to look out for in the next Olympic games held in Tahiti.

Paris will be hosting the 2024 Olympics in the future and the surfing league will take place in Tahiti which is one of the most iconic spots for waves in the world. The International Surfing Association (ISA) supported the decision, saying Tahiti is “truly exceptional in offering our athletes, and our sport, spectacular conditions for optimal competitions”. The drawback this location offers is its remarkable distance from Paris, it is a 22-hour flight, almost 10, 000 miles away however still considered within the French Polynesia region. We look forward to it.

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