Supreme Oreos

When it comes to designer items, apparently it’s not limited to just clothing and accessories lately. 

Supreme, the popular and pricey New York-based brand has collaborated with Oreo for a special edition cookie, reported to be available for purchase on eBay for shocking tens of thousands of dollars. 

At first, this designer cookie was sold for $8 per pack (which is already not exactly a bargain), but somehow some nifty businessmen bought them out and began to sell them as an online commodity for premium prices. 

While astronomical prices for Supreme brand products should come of no surprise, Oreo cookies sold for $88,988 isn’t exactly what anyone would call normal.  We’re also not quite sure who in their right mind would make such a purchase, but apparently, it’s already got 90 bids!

No need to fret though. If you’re dreaming of trying these rare designer cookies, there are still some out there for a few hundred dollars.  And if you’re looking to drain your life savings, well then there’s that too. 

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