SuperShe Island

It’s completely normal to sometimes want to be left alone, to have some peace and quiet, especially so while on holiday. Some women feel as though they are not able to achieve this with men constantly bothering them.

And that’s exactly why some SuperShe Island, a men-free, women-only island resort located right off of the coast of Finland was created.

SuperShe is the project of Kristina Roth, an American entrepreneur. She decided to open this women-only resort once she understood the need for women to have a place without men distracting them.

Roth vacationed in other places and realized that women were always paying attention to the men around, rather than focusing on themselves. This is where she got the idea of starting a resort exclusively for women, free of all male distractions.

Kristina explains to the press that women would for example put on more makeup when they would see an attractive man.  The idea of a holiday is a getaway to focus on yourself.

She states that she has absolutely nothing against men themselves and has also enjoyed mixed gender holidays, however simply felt that such a place could also be beneficial for women. A place for women to re-charge without too much extra distraction.

SuperShe Island seemed like an idea that would remain just an idea. However Kristina visited a breathtaking piece of land off of the coast of Finland that she discovered by a man she was in love with. At first she was not interested and he kept telling her it was for sale and that she should buy it. She eventually came around and realized this was the ideal place to make her idea reality.

Once SuperShe Island is ready to host guest, it will have ten guest cabins, a spa and several other on-site activities such as fitness classes, cooking classes, as well as meditation and yoga classes. Roth is ready however to add whatever else women will enjoy.

The ultimate goal is to make SuperShe island a utopia for women to connect with other women, and for it to be a safe and relaxing place for women to find themselves.