Supermarket Shames Plastic Bag Users

As many of us know, corporate companies are starting to for-go all plastic items. Just recently, Starbucks announced how plastic straws will no longer be provided in stores. This movement that many companies have caught onto is huge and could change the world for the better. As companies join the movement, they have thought of brilliant ways to deter people from using plastic items.

A supermarket has come up with a brilliant and hilarious way to discourage their customers from using plastic bags. In order to do so, this supermarket in Vancouver is using the tactic of “shaming.” Instead of offering customers branded plastic bags when they go to check out their groceries, the store is handing out plastic bags with embarrassing brand logos. Examples include, “Dr. Toews’ Wart Ointment,” and “Into the Weird Adult Video Emporium.”

The idea behind this is to simply put plastic use to a halt. The independent business believes that charging consumers 5 cents for each bag and putting embarrassing images on the plastic will stop this nonsense as a whole.

Plastic bags are part of the reason the world is currently suffering from pollution and waste. Over many years, people have been using plastic bags for all sorts of purposes. The issue is that these plastic bags weren’t being reused. Instead users were instantly trashing the bags after one use.

Now with the no plastic movement in place, we are hoping that consumers stop using plastic bags, replacing them with reusable ones. As we see, companies and independent stores have found there own individual ways of stopping plastic use. For this supermarket, they just decided to put an unusual twist on the idea.

Many people are disagreeing with the supermarkets way of getting people to stop using plastic bags due to embarrassment issues but the market has not listened. These concerns are not enough for the company to stop its movement, proving its stance in the environment.

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