Sunscreen Doesn’t Age Too Well

Although America is known to be the center of the world, and on top when it comes to innovation and technology, when it comes to certain seemingly simple things, they haven’t quite got it down.  One of these things is actually sunscreen.

In fact, America is home to some of the most outdated sunscreen in the entire world. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has been trying to improve the situation for the past few years already to no success.

The FDA commissioner however, has recently made an announcement  that they will finally start the process of regulating sunscreen, and will have them more up to date with modern science. Believe it or not, the United States has not approved any new ingredients in sunscreen since Clinton’s time.

At the same time however, new findings have come out with concerns about the ingredients in current sunscreens that can potentially cause problems for both human beings, as well as the environment.

For now, the new regulations will be merely proposals, giving the public a month and a half to submit their comments. Only then will the final rules be decided.

These changes could be significant for manufactures of sunscreens.

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