Summer Heat Causing iPhone To Overheat

Sunbathing, pools and beaches… all things that describe our hot yet relaxing summers. While we partake in these summer time activities it is essential to do one of the two things, at all times. Well for starters, putting sunblock on to protect your young and delicate skin is a must. After completing step 1, we can’t forget about step 2.

Step 2: Protect your iPhone from the sun.

When laying out on a nice sunny day we sometimes forget about the dangers of leaving our phones to burn up in the heat. Usually, we will be cautioned with a warning message telling us that our phones are overheating. Once we are provided this information it is important that we let the iPhone cool down before use.

Now, as many times as we have been shown this message we still are unaware of the negative effects it can have on these devices. Well according to Mirror online, your iPhone can be “slow charging, a dimming of the display, and a weak cellular signal. The camera flash will also temporarily be disable, while performance in graphic-intensive apps will slow.” These effects are minor but for technology savvy people it could easily be the end all for them.

This is why it is advised to keep your cellular devices in the shade, covered from the scorching sun. According to Apple, there are a multitude of ways to cool down your phone. “To resume use of your device as quickly as possible, turn it off, move it to a cooler environment, and allow it to cool down.” If we follow all these steps our phones will continue to run as smoothly as possible and we will be able to continue enjoying our perfect summers.

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