Subway Flood Gates

Due to an increase in climate change, cities are taking preventative measures to ensure that their cities are somewhat protected. More specifically, New York City has installed flood gates at the entrances of the subways. These flood gates were noticed when someone posted a picture of the subway entrance being flooded.

Unsure of the purpose behind the flooded entrance, a local city-goer posted on social media asking the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) what the purpose of this was. According to Bored Panda, the MTA turned this question into more of a commercial relief joke by saying that they were changing to using submarines.

After first posting this response the MTA responded properly with a great deal of information. Due to the reality of climate change, the MTA has installed these flood gates. In order to ensure that they work properly, they fill the entrances of the subways with water for approximately four hours long.

The MTA wants to double-check that the flood gates installed work to their best potential, not letting a drop of water get in. The flood gates were also installed to help when natural disasters occur.

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