Stuck With A Surgical Clamp

Ezeta Gobeeva, a sixty two year old Russian woman has recently discovered that the pain she’s been suffering from for the past twenty three years was actually due to a surgical clamp that was somehow left inside her abdomen by doctors after she underwent a cesarean back in 1996.

Doctors believed that the pain she was experiencing was due to liver problems, and simply gave her painkillers to deal with her symptoms.

According to Gobeeva, she was only given the chance to have an X-Ray after complaining on multiple occasions. Once doctors finally looked deeper inside, they were finally able to discover what was really going on – that a surgical clamp was stuck in her body. 

Gobeeva told Russian reporters that the doctors who performed the X-ray were shocked to see what they had found, and at first even thought that she had brought into the examination room by accident. Once she realized what had really went on, she was completely hysterical and in tears.

This shocking malpractice has caused anger throughout Russia, and has launched the start of an investigation. According to authorities, the operation to remove the clamp will be compensated by the health minister himself.

Well, at least that. 

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