Strangest Crimes The World Has Ever Seen

In today’s society, we believe that nothing has the ability to surprise any longer. Little do we know, society still has its mind-blowing crimes that can make our mouths drop. When it comes to real life crimes in the modern world, people have still managed to do the unimaginable. Here are some of the most wild crimes that you won’t believe to be true.


Threw An Alligator Into A Drive-Thru



For some reason, while making what was supposed to be a casual stop at the local Wendy’s drive-thru, a man decided to actually throw a three-foot long alligator that he just so happened to have find on the side of the road through the window of the restaurant’s drive-thru for some very very strange and unexplainable reason. Perhaps he thought that was the best way to get a free hamburger and fries. The alligator was taken by US Marshals and released back into the wild.



Lived With A Corpse For Seven Years



Carl Tanzler was working at a Florida hospital at the age of 56 when he fell madly in love with Maria Elana Milagro De Hoyos, a 22-year-old Cuban woman.  Maria unfortunately however suffered from a terminal condition and shortly after she passed away. Tanzler would visit her grave every night singing love songs to her, and one night in 1933, he claimed that her spirit inspired him to remove her from her grave. Tanzler did just that and took her corpse back home in a wagon. He somehow kept Maria’s dead body in his home for an entire seven years before he was discovered. 


The Garlic Knots Fury



Four friends went for a much together and must have really been craving garlic knots. But not just any kind of garlic knots, they clearly were very specific about what they wanted and didn’t want any cheese on it.  In fact, so much so that once they discovered that the garlic knots they had ordered were covered in cheese, they freaked out and completely destroyed the restaurant.  They threw food at the waiters and knocked both the fax machine and cash register off the counter.



Stabbed A Man With A Ceramic Squirrel



A South Carolina woman stabbed a man with a ceramic squirrel back in 2013 on Christmas Eve. According to reports, the man that Helen Williams attacked was found completely covered in blood in her home. Williams claims that he fell himself, but sources have concluded that the stabbing was due to the fact that he didn’t bring beer back home and was upset with him.


A YouTube Video About Robbing A Bank



Some things just don’t go together, no matter how hard you try, such as making a YouTube video about your very own bank robbery. Nineteen-year-old Hannah Sabata somehow didn’t exactly realize this until it was too late. After stealing six thousand dollars from a local bank, she decided that the best thing to do would be to make a YouTube video about her successful robbery.  She was of course arrested and the video was used as evidence.



Stole Gas From A Police Car



What better crime than to just casually take some gas from a police car and use it for your own car? As if this wasn’t notorious and shameless enough, the criminal, Michael Baker, actually posted a picture of himself in the act sticking out the middle finger with the caption ”yea lol I went to jail over Facebook’”. Well, in all honesty, it wasn’t because of Facebook, it was because he stole from the police, but whatever works.


A Fake Heart Attack In Walmart



Police reports have revealed that a Florida man actually staged a heart attack in Walmart back in December in order to create a distraction as his friend filled a shopping cart with toys from the store. These items include a Barbie Glam vacation house as well as a toy car. Somehow, this pair of thieves didn’t think about the fact that there was probably security cameras watching them, and all of their act was caught on camera.



The Snake Theif



Although most people would run as far away as possible from a snake, this man actually stole a few for unknown reasons. The owner of a large pet store called the police to report that the doors of his business had been pried open and that two Boa snakes, as well as a Ball Python,  had gone missing. After police searched the nearby area, they found that other businesses had also been broken into, and found the snakes as well as jail ID card inside one of the buildings. 


The Serial Killer Who Won A Dating Game Show



Rodney Alcala, a professional photographer was arrested back in 2010 for a series of notorious crimes, including the rape and murder of more than 100 children and women. Upon his arrest, police found photographs of his victims, leading them to continue to charge him with more and more attacks even after he was sentenced to the death penalty.  What was most strange however about Alcala’s criminal life was that he appeared on The Dating Game show, and actually won it. 



Woman Attacks Girls Who Got A Free Soda



They say that jealousy can get the best of it, but generally, we don’t act on it, or at least not so violently. While waiting for her food to be ready at a local kebab shop, a thirty-nine-year-old woman saw two teenage girls be given a free can of soda (or that’s what she thought happened) and she exploded from jealousy and started to attack the girls, dragging them to the floor and pulling out their hair. Later on, she found out that they had already paid for it.