Unique Is Beautiful

It is known that everyone has their own ideas on how they define the idea of beauty. When it comes to appearances there has been no shortage of strange practices that have come and gone throughout the years passed. However, we will always be drawn in by those that are truly unique. Proving the power of diversity and how beautiful it can be.




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Believe it or not, no one is born with freckles. That’s exactly why we’ve never seen a newborn baby with freckles. They are always caused by sun exposure, however they are still of course genetic, with some people more prone to developing them. Nowadays, they are considered a beauty trend that we all strive to achieve.





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Much too often people with birthmarks are stared at, or even told to try to hide it. But in reality, birthmarks add a beautiful splash of color to the world, just like those who are wearing them. They are caused when blood vessels do not form correctly.




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Although most of us have never heard of the condition heterochromia, we’ve all surely seen someone with this condition. It’s a unique mutation in which the irises are different in color, such as one brown eye and one blue eye. It may not be the standard, but it sure is beautiful, and is like a masterpiece of artwork.





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A diatesma is a gap or a space in between two teeth. They can be anywhere in the mouth, however are most noticeable when they are found between the two upper front teeth. Some are small are hardly noticeable, while others are much larger. Although many people go through surgeries to get rid of the space, they have become more desirable and seen as a unique beauty feature.


Cross Eye


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Strabismus or crossed eyes is when the two eyes fails to maintain a proper alignment, and fail to work together. One eye looks directly at what it’s looking at, while the other is misaligned inward, outward or upward. Approximately 4 percent of the American population has some form on cross eyes, even beautiful Hollywood actress Liv Tyler.



Frizzy Hair


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Frizz generally happens when the cuticle layer of the hair is raised. It allows moisture to pass through and swell the hair strands, and in turn, the hair appears to be more dry and frizzy, rather than defined and smooth. Well, this is surely not a problem, as frizzy hair can be seriously stunning.




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Pictured above is Winnie Harlow, a Canadian fashion model and spokesperson about her unique skin condition vitiligo. She become well known by taking part in the twenty-first cycle of the American TV series America’s Next Top Model, and proves that beauty truly has no boundaries.



Identical Twins


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Twins are two offspring produced by one single pregnancy, such as stunning and talented Hollywood stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They can be either identical, in which they come from the same zygote that splits forming two embryos, or fraternal where each twin comes from a separate egg. There are few things more beautiful than two humans that are completely identical.




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Frida Kahlo is completely iconic in that both in real life and on canvas her unique features were so celebrated and appreciated, including her upper lip hair, her Mexican identity, and of course her bold uni-brow. Her uni-brow is so confidently unconventional, and she has helped to make such a look more acceptable and beautiful across the globe.



Large Fangs


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If Miley Cyrus is rocking this look, then it’s surely acceptable and beautiful. It’s super adorable, shows her true personality and makes us all connect to her through her completely contagious smile.





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When it comes to fashion and clothing, a petite size is a standard clothing size specially designed for women who are shorter than the average woman, mostly 160cm, or 5 ft, 3 inches.  Petite women are stunning and truly stand out, despite their size, such as the one and only Arianna Grande.



Gums Showing


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While some people would look at this kind of smile as a defect, and even try to have it changed through surgical procedures, in many cases it can be very beautiful and can add a great deal to one’s smile. Nicole Kidman proves this to be entirely true.