Strange & Unique Beauty

Not only in Hollywood, but across the entire globe, everyone has their own ideas about what the meaning of beauty is. When it comes to appearances, throughout history there has been no shortage of strange practices that come and go throughout the years. We will always however, be drawn in by those that have something seriously unique about them, proving the power of diversity, and how beautiful it can truly be….





Pictured above is Winnie Harlow, a Canadian fashion model and spokesperson about her unique skin condition vitiligo. She become well known by taking part in the twenty-first cycle of the American TV series America’s Next Top Model, and proves that beauty truly has no boundaries.






Frida Kahlo is completely iconic in that both in real life and on canvas her unique features were so celebrated and appreciated, including her upper lip hair, her Mexican identity, and of course her bold uni-brow. Her uni-brow is so confidently unconventional, and she has helped to make such a look more acceptable and beautiful across the globe.


Big Eyes



The eyes have something so special about them that makes them capture our attention, and are generally the very first thing that we notice in a person. Some people even believe that the eyes are windows to the soul, and there are some incredibly beautiful people out there who have been blessed with wide eyes. Others have to use makeup to achieve a similar look.



African American Albino



Albinism is a highly rare genetically inherited condition that affects close to one in twenty thousand people. In the western world, it is rather rare, however it is more common in sub-Saharan African. Both parents must carry the gene in order for it to be passed onto their child. They are a highly discriminated and persecuted group of people, with even groups of bounty hunters out to get them. If truly looked at, they are beyond beautiful in their own unique way, and can completely take our breath away.


Heterochromia Iridis



Heterochromia Iridis is when the same eye has two different colors, in contrast to heterochromia where both eyes are different colors. It is characterized by abnormalities in the iris, which is the colored part of the eye. As Kate Bosworth proves, it can be incredibly beautiful.



Cleft Palate



Cleft lip and cleft palate (when the roof of the mouth has an opening to the nose) happen when the tissue of the baby’s face and mouth do not fuse together as they should. It is believed that such cases are caused by a combination of both environmental and genetic factors.  Such disorders can lead to speech problems, as well as feeding and hearing problems. However from a visual perspective, it is considered to be highly attractive.


Puffy Eyes



While puffy eyes can often be seen as a sign of fatigue, some people just naturally have eyes that appear to be puffy. Nonetheless, as this girl proves, this unique look is nothing short of stunning, and we all seriously wouldn’t mind looking like her!



Androgynous Features



Andronogy is the combination of feminine and masculine characteristics, and is generally used to describe those with gender ambiguity. Based on this photo, people with such features are nothing short of beautiful, accenting all the best features of both sexes.


Grey Eyes



Grey eyes are among the rarest eyes color out there. They are generally a combination of grey, blue, green, and even a small amount of yellow around the pupil area. They allow for endless options of makeup combinations that can be played around with, and are beyond beautiful as Emma Stone proves.



Aquiline Nose



An aquiline nose is a human nose with a highly prominent bridge, making it look as though it’s slightly bent or even curved.  In some cases it is believed to be related to non-physical traits such as intelligence and status, although there is no evidence to support this.


Upturned Nose



An upturned nose is also known as a concave nose and is one that points upwards at the tip, rather than down. In turn, it allows for the nostrils to be very visible. But as long as they are kept clean, and as this girl shows, there is really nothing that’s not beautiful about it.



Facial Birthmarks



Birthmarks are a very common type of discoloration that can occur at birth leaving people with marks. Many people with facial birthmarks tend to be ashamed of their unique beauty but for this young lady she is embracing it all. If you have a facial birthmark, don’t hide because you are unique and beautiful!


Melanin Goddess



Model Khoudia Diop, calls herself a “melanin goddess,” due to her darkness in skin color. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin it’s color. For Diop, she was constantly bullied for her skin color until she finally decided to make a name for herself and embrace it.



Thick Eyebrows



Have you ever heard the saying, “For beauty you have to suffer?” Well for some, having thick eyebrows is exactly that. We could only imagine the pain that goes into taming those puppies.