Strange Things Caught On Security Cameras

Security cameras exist for the main purpose of protecting ourselves as well as our businesses. If someone attempts to inflict harm on us, they will be identified and punished for their crime. Sometimes, even just the mere existence of a camera is enough to scare a culprit away. These people however? Either they didn’t know there was a camera watching, or they were just completely shameless. And while they aren’t all necessarily criminals, their actions should seriously be banned.


Shameless Stealing



If you’re going to steal a wide screen TV (or really anything for that matter), you might want to make sure that you’re not caught on camera without any kind mask to protect yourself.  He also for the record stole this car. We would assume that he didn’t know he was being filmed, but he’s literally looking right at the camera so we don’t have any further comments here.


Friend Zoned



The only thing worse really than being friend zoned after leaning in for a good night kiss after what you thought was a wonderfully romantic night is having it caught on camera for the rest of the world to see. Sorry buddy. The struggle is real.  Her dad has her covered.


Knock Knock



Knock, knock! Who’s there? Oh you know just your casual friendly bird that came by to see if you have any milk and eggs he could use for the pecan pie he’s going to make tonight. Or not. We’re not sure how this little fella over here made it right into the security camera, but it’s cute, right?


Caught On Trail Camera



Trail cameras are most often used to capture wildlife in moments where the photographer generally wouldn’t be able to himself. This is most surely one of those moments, especially since even if the photographer was here to experience this epic scene first hand, he’d probably get seriously hurt.